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About Nowgawan Sadat

Imam BargahNowgawan Sadat is a place about which a lot of people had written in their own styles. It is a famous town not in India but in the entire world. It is situated in the Western Uttar Pradesh’s district J. P. Nagar (Amroha). One can look about this famous town at various websites and books, therefore we are giving you just a small introduction about the place. The biggest asset of Nowgawan Sadat is the inhabitants who are Sadats and belong to the family of fourth Imam i.e. Hazrat Zainul Abedin (A.S.).

Thats why they are called as Abidi. Nowgawan Sadat set a very good example of the unity in diversity because people from different castes and religion lives there happily and prosperously. As there are many mosques located in Nowgawan Sadat, there is one temple also situated in the middle of the town. In this temple worship of God is done according to the Hindu religion. Nowgawan Sadat is settled only at a distance of 12 Km from the district Amroha at Amroha –Bijnor road .

This road was built by Mr. Gleban near about 1936. There are a lot of villages located on that road like Belna, Rampur, Peela Kund, Maqdoompur etc. The area of Nowgawan Sadat is near about 1400 Acers. The people of Nowgawan Sadat are involved in almost every profession but it is one of the major hub for the Beeri and Khadi (Cotton) business. There are some big companies of Beeri and Khadi in Nowgawan Sadat about which we will discuss later in detail.

There is a big strength of government servant in Nowgawan Sadat also. Almost every facility is available in Nowgawan Sadat which is useful for livelihood like crusher, flour grinding machines, oil extracting machines, wood frame machines, and other necessary things.
The two days of a week (i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday) are assigned for famous markets that are Mangal ka Bazaar and Budh Bazaar. Due to these markets the name of their locality is Mohalla Budh Bazar and Mohalla Mangal Bazar. There was also a routine market which starts on every Saturday but it is closed now. There is a post office and a power house in Nowgawan sadat. Famous bank services available in Nowgawan Sadat are Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank, Prathama Bank and District Cooperative Bank.

There is also police station and Municipal Corporation in the town. The roads are very smooth and in strong condition. Water supply and electric facility is also good in Nowgawan Sadat. In educational field there is primary school to degree college like New Public School, Sakeena Public School, Khatijatul Kubra School, Jamia-tul-Muntazar Primary School, Fareedi Memorial School, S.A.M. Inter College, Kisan Inter College, Fatima Girls Inter College, Sahas Degree College and many more. There are 3 I.T.I colleges in Nowgawan Sadat also.

One of the major popularity of Nowgawan Sadat is its pioneer religious education. There are four world famous religious school in Nowgawan Sadat that are Babul Ilm, Jamia-tul- Muntazar, Alia Jafariya, and Ansaarul Uloom. You can get more information about these schools on our education page. There are also good medical facilities available in Nowgawan Sadat.

There are more than two government hospitals and Ambulance service in Nowgawan sadat. There 15-20 pharmacy shops in the main market of Nowgawan Sadat. There are 20-25 medical clinics and 200-300 general stores in the town .There is a big strength of mosques , Imambargahs and Peer’s Mazaars in Nowgawan Sadat.

There are almost 70 mosques, 30 Imambargahs, 20-25 peers (Shaheed) situated all over the Nowgawan Sadat. Also there are some ponds and lakes available in the town. The other USPs of the town are its mango orchards, azaadari in the month of moharram and the famous Gajar ka halwa in the winter season.

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